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AlBurgan Handicrafts is a family run business, established 1989 in Amman - Jordan. We specialize in designing and producing unique top quality artisan handcrafted products involving old Jordanian folklore in embroidery and sewing skills.


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Lina Lama Burgan started AlBurgan Handicrafts, a unique venture in a one room workshop employing and training three ladies, two of whom with hearing disabilities, working on one sewing machine. The first product was a handmade slipper in traditional fabrics that proved to be very popular.


Since then, AlBurgan Handicrafts has become one of the leading Jordanian crafts businesses, employing over 20 full time local skills and putting to use traditional Jordanian embroideries and techniques to produce a wide variety of special top quality items.

All the hand embroideries used in our designs are produced under the supervision of five female professional embroidery supervisors who recruit and train women to do traditional hand embroidery in their homes in different areas of Amman. The number of ladies benefiting from this work reached around 100.

AlBurgan is proud to be one of the leading initiators of a new industry that is involving women in participating to improve their families' standard of living and at the same time preserving some of Jordan's craftsmanship.


Our Showroom is located in a rustic two-storey house in the middle of old Amman. A good range of our products can also be found at all five star hotel gift shops throughout Jordan and prominent tourist attraction shops.

Keeping the AlBurgan identity and Jordanian influence in our works we have always managed to orient our designs and color combinations to suit the liking and appeal of different markets. This has proven successful as we succeeded to expand our outlets to many regions from the Gulf countries to Japan, Switzerland, Austria and the United states.

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