This fresh looking stylish poncho is all you need for the beach, pool or getting out of the shower. It is made of a textured white cotton towel fabric embellished with Arabic Calligraphy embroidery "Tuzayyinuha Almalahatu wal Na’eemu" means "She is adorned with beauty and bliss". It’s like a hidden message for the woman wearing this kaftan.  This elegant piece that is tailored to your needs and created for ultimate comfort even allows you to change underneath comfortably, to dry off and keep warm from wind chill after water activities or to just look stylish in your next visit to the beach. A traditional fabric embellishing the neckline creates a bohemian chic look to this kaftan.


Makes a perfect GIFT for Pool, Beach and Spa lovers.



Care:  Hand wash in warm water, hang dry, iron the neckline if needed on low heat, do not bleach or tumble dry